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Educational Model: The Principle Approach®

Our academic model is built upon the three pillars of educational philosophy, method and curriculum. Each of these pillars, aligning with the Word of God, is essential in order to cultivate within our students an understanding of who God is, who they are, and how they should respond to the world around them. ​Our Educational Philosophy is built around a high view of the child.

​ We believe that each child is made in the image of God, and through Him we are able to overcome all obstacles placed before us as "greater is He that is within us, than he that is within the world." We believe that each child is uniquely gifted by God for a unique purpose. Therefore, our call is to nurture and mold the child, to help them fully develop their gifts and talents, that they may serve God's purposes in the "highest and best way possible."


There are four principles, developed from scripture, upon which our educational philosophy is built. These principles have a great deal of depth and are developed throughout the student’s education in an age-appropriate manner. It is largely due to this method of "inculcating" biblical principles within the student, "precept upon precept...line upon line," which makes the Principle Approach® so successful instilling biblical truths within our students.


God's Principle of Individuality: God's creation, the universe, reveals a God who is infinite, able to create unlimited diversity and complexity within a system which has both order and unity. Man, (and children) as the pinnacle of His creation, made in the image and likeness of God, are each unique, created for a purpose and are to be highly valued. 

​The Christian Principle of Self-Government is God ruling internally, within the heart of man. In order to have true liberty, to have freedom from the bondage of sin, man must be ruled by the Spirit of God. Government is first individual, then extends to the home, church and community. 


America's Heritage of Christian Character: "The image of God engraved upon the individual within brings dominion and change to his external environment." 

Early Elementary


At Foundations Christian Academy, we often talk about education in agricultural terms in that the most important part is the fruit, the outcome; the character, knowledge and wisdom which is the product or produce of the student’s educational experience. To continue that analogy, the early elementary years are about planting seeds! Beginning in Kindergarten we begin planting seeds from God's Word, science, math, language, history, literature, and the arts. 

The philosophy and methodology of Foundations Christian Academy is truly unique, and we believe, superior, to other contemporary public or Christian schools. In the early elementary years, the area of study which receives the most attention and which we have historically excelled in is the teaching of reading. Our reading program is exceptional, it creates a foundation upon which we can than read with comprehension more challenging literature and documents in the middle school and high school years.

The texts in our early reading program include:

  • The Writing Road to Reading - The Spaulding Method​

  • ​Phonemic Awareness

  • ​How To Teach Spelling by Rudginsky and Haskell

  • ​​The Noah Plan Reading Curriculum Guide


Our language arts program is completed by our "Bible as a Reader" program which uses age-appropriate Bibles to teach young students

both reading and comprehension.

Our Bible as a Reader (BAR) program complements our language arts program using age-appropriate bibles to build reading skills while developing a knowledge and understanding of God's Word, ultimately producing Christian character within the student.

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